Home & School

What We Do for Our School

Your home & school association is ran by dedicated parent volunteers. Over the past few years, we have supported the school by hosting and planning many events and fundraisers to raise money for different projects around the school.

In the last several years, we have raised money and completed many projects such as:

  • Playground – Purchased and installed brand new playground equipment
  • Alf Birch Memorial Gym Debt – Helped pay down the debt with the auction proceeds
  • Alf Birch Memorial Gym Equipment – Purchased floor coverings, sound equipment and microphones, and sound absorbing wall panels
  • Music Department – Bought black back drop, portable sound absorption black wall dividers, 2 timpani drums, and full drum set
  • Music Department – Helped pay down the debt to Music Department remodel
  • School-Wide equipment – High-powered Epson projector, 88″ x 157″ Front projection screen
  • Worthy Student – Help raise money to support the ongoing need

Our current project:

  • Chairs – we have been very blessed by influx of students and we have quickly ran out of chairs for student-wide programs for our parents so we are purchasing

We also do fun activities for the students:

  • Sponsor the variety show
  • Provide snow cones on hot days

If you would like to be involved or want more information, please contact homeandschool@mgaes.org


Sponsor a Chair

  • Remember how crowded the school gym was for the music program? Sponsor a chair for only $20 per chair