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Grades 5 & 6

Kaylie Ackerman

Malaika Childers

Crysti Taylor

Priscilla Guardado
Aide for Grades 5 & 6


The three of us know that MGAES is the best place to teach and we are excited to be part of a team that is making a difference in the lives of some of the most amazing children we’ve ever met. We spend lots of time planning together to make your child’s experience here one that they will remember brought them closer to Christ. Not only that, but we enjoy making the curriculum fun and engaging while emphasizing critical thinking.

We have had a few recent changes to the way we teach and have prepared eLearning days. Sometimes, that include instructional videos and/or video helps. All of the videos are available at the bottom of this page as well as emailed directly to our parents.

Miss Ackerman, Mrs. Childers, & Mrs. Taylor


Folder Links for eLearning Days

Week 1 Student Folder

Week 2 Student Folder

Week 3 Student Folder

Week 4 Student Folder


Video Links for eLearning Days

Week 1 General Videos Folder

Lesson 90 Video Clip Folder

Lesson 91 Video Clip Folder

Lesson 92 Video Clip Folder

Lesson 93 Video Clip Folder

Lesson 94 Video Clip Folder

Lesson 95 Video Clip Folder

Lesson 96 Video Clip Folder

Lesson 97 Video Clip Folder

Lesson 96 Video Clip Folder


(Click above in the event of a school closure to be directed to Google Classroom.)