Application Fees are $100 for new students with $50 being applied to your tuition balance once the school year begins.

Application Fees are NON-REFUNDABLE


There is a $100 application fee. Once you have filled out the online application you will receive email communication from our office with how to proceed with enrollment.

You also need to bring/complete before the school year begins:


Financial Assistance:

Anyone requesting financial assistance will need to start with our 3rd party financial evaluation system, FACTS. You will also need to apply with your local Adventist church if you attend one in the Oregon Conference (includes SW Washington).

FACTS: Login

Other Forms

EFT ACH-CC Combined

Request for Transfer

Prearranged Absence Form

Volunteer Background form


Health Policies at MGAES 2020-21


Physical Exam Form

Parental Authorization for OTC Meds

Prescription Medication Administration