Varsity Policy

Varsity Policy


Being on a varsity team takes a lot of time, energy, and commitment by players, parents, and coaches.  The following has been set-up to ensure that all parties know what is expected of those involved in the varsity program.


  • All players chosen to be on the varsity team will have a choice whether to be on the team or not.


  • Players will be required to be at all practices and games that are on the schedule. If an emergency arises the player will need to get in contact with the coach and let him/her know they will not be able to make it.


  • Players must make a concentrated effort to meet teachers’ expectations in class. A meeting between player/teacher/AD may be necessary to ensure this happens.


  • Players on our sport’s teams need to be an example, to other students, of how to model “Character First”.


  • Players/parents need to understand that coaches will do the best they can to get all varsity players into the game. How much time each player receives must come down to the coach’s decision.


  • Players must show respect to all coaches and parent drivers. If a player cannot show respect they will meet with the athletic director and discuss eligibility.


  • Players are expected to govern their conduct in accordance with the rules and regulations of the student handbook.


  • Players will be expected to pay the Varsity fees at the beginning of the season. Damage to a uniform will be an extra charge.


  • Transportation is the sole responsibility of each parent for their child to get to each game and back home. The school does not organize this for you.


  • Players that need to sit out of P.E. for a day, due to injury or sickness, will not be playing in a game on that same day.  As a team we need you to recover and be ready for the next game.


  • Players that miss practices excused or unexcused could miss out on some playing time, due to the coaches discretion.  Missing a practice means you have missed out on important skills and strategies for a game.


  • Varsity players that miss a day of school (unexcused), will not be allowed to attend a game or practice on that same day.