Reserver Player Policy

The sole purpose of having “Reserve Players” is to allow students to practice with the Varsity team and develop skills to improve their chances for the next year. This does not guarantee they will be on the team the next year.

The following are the guidelines for being a reserve player:

  • Each student that is chosen as a reserve, will be given the opportunity of being put on the reserve list for a particular sport. If the student does not wish to spend their time in practices then they should not sign-up.
  • Reserve players will adhere to all the rules which are under the Varsity Policy referring to grades and conduct.
  • Reserves will be required to attend all practices and the games which the coaches ask them to attend (this could include all games or none).
  • Reserve players can be used in games if the coaches feel they need them due to injuries, sickness, player absences, or score differential. This decision lies solely with the coaches involved.
  • A coach will not allow a reserve to play more time than a varsity player, unless a unique situation occurs.
  • Reserves will be charged $35 of the normal Varsity fee for that season. If for some reason they are put on the team at a later date, they will be charged the Varsity fee or a percentage of.
  • Reserve players will not receive an official jersey to wear in a game. Some type of uniform will be given, for them to wear, if they are put in a game.

I have read the following and have chosen to be involved in the Reserve Player Program.

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