PE How Does the Grading Work

5-8 Grading Rubric Guide

updated 11/10/18


Students are graded in the following areas:

  1. MS= Motor Skills-gross, fine
  2. PA= Performance Application-putting concepts learned into game situations
  3. PF= Personal Fitness-Physical Fitness
  4. RB= Responsible Behavior-trustworthiness in class activities
  5. VH= Values Health-overall attitude

Grades 1-2

+= Excelling/Above Average

Blank= Doing the expected/Average

~= Needs improvement/Below Average

Grades 3-8

1- below average

2- average

3- above average

4- highly excels average

Grades 5-8 Only

Dressing down– this effects your Responsibility category

One free day will be given a quarter which will not count as a No Dress

0-No Dresses= 4

1-2 No Dresses= 3

3-4 No Dresses= 2

5 or more No Dresses=1