K-8 Shoe Policy

To ensure the safest environment for your child in Physical Education, I have written below a policy for the type of shoes they should wear in my class. They should wear the shoes described below to be able to participate in P.E. for the day. If they are not wearing the proper shoes they may be asked to sit out and watch the activity for the day. Most kids at this age do not want to miss a P.E. class, so please help them to remember their shoes each P.E. day.

Proper Footwear for Physical Education:
Proper footwear is defined as athletic shoes not casual shoes.
Examples of “PE shoes”- basketball shoes, tennis shoes, running shoes, cross-trainer shoes.

Examples of “Non-PE shoes”- flip-flops, sandals, hiking boots, Keenes (sandal version), high-heels, Birkenstocks, the old style Chuck Taylor Converse, Vans, Skater Shoes, and other shoes that are totally flat on the bottom with no flexibility for side to side stability.

Please make sure shoes are labeled “non-marking” for our gym floor.

Proper shoes will allow the optimal safety for each student in the class.

P.E. Days
K- Monday, Wednesday
1/2- Monday, Wednesday, Friday
3/4- Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
5/6- M-Thursday, Friday-Intramurals
7/8- M-Thursday, Friday-Intramurals