Grade 5-8 Course Outline

Grades K-8 Physical Education Outline

updated 4/1/18

What is expected of each student?

Grades K-8

Proper footwear is defined as athletic shoes not casual shoes. Examples of PE shoes- basketball shoes, tennis shoes, running shoes, cross-trainer shoes.  “Non-PE shoes”-flip-flops, sandals, hiking boots, Keenes (sandal version), high-heels, Birkenstocks,  the old style Chuck Taylor Converse, Vans, Skater Shoes, and other shoes that are totally flat on the bottom with no flexibility for side to side stability. Proper shoes will allow the optimal safety for each student in the class. We ask you only buy “non-marking” soles for our new gym.

Note: If you do not dress down you will be asked to either participate, sit down, do a written assignment, or do a different activity than the rest of the class. You will be given a “0” grade for the day. You will be given one free day per quarter. This means that it will not count as a “0” grade, but be excused. This does not mean that you get to sit down and do nothing, unless asked to by the teacher.

For Grades K-8

Participation– How much you do in class. I’m looking for you to get out and put 100% into all you do.

Attitude– How you treat people is a key to life. You will be expected to treat others with respect, for everyone deserves it. Attitude towards games, people, yourself, and the teacher are all important.


For full Grading,  please go online to , click on the Mustang, and follow the links to PE-How does the grading work???,  under Physical Education Classes.

What if a student becomes sick or injured?

Sickness- If you are sick or injured when coming to class, please bring a note from home and signed by your parents, explaining your condition. If a parent asks that their student be excused from P.E., please be specific in what you would like them to do or not do. If the parent does not want them to do any physical activity, they may be asked to do some written work, to make up the credit for the day. We want you to heal up and get better soon, and we will take the precautions to allow that to happen.

Injury-Any substantial injury should be accompanied by a note from a doctor. The doctor’s note should tell how long the student should be excused so that we do not bring them back too soon. To come back to P.E., before the note expires, the student would need another note from the doctor stating that the student is healed and ready to go!

Grades 5-8 ONLY

Uniform- You will be asked to dress down for classes into a P.E. uniform. That will consist of a T-shirt (purchased through the P.E. dept.), modest shorts or sweats, and proper footwear for either the gym or field activities.

Uniform Explanations:

Sweatshirts/Coats- If a student would like to wear a sweatshirt or coat because they are cold or more comfortable with that they may. They must have it zipped up to use it. There is no specific coat or sweatshirt that they must wear.

Shorts or sweats must be athletic type not casual. No jean shorts, khaki, cargo, or dress shorts allowed. Sweats or Athletic pants are allowed for either indoors or outdoors.