7/8 Basketball Parent/Coaches/AD meeting notes

7-8 Metro Basketball League 2021-22

Parent/Coaches/AD Meeting- 11/9/21 @ 5:20-5:45

–   Prayer

-Introduction of Coaches-

Girls- Coaches- Krista P. (head), Carerra S (asst.)

Boy’s- Coaches-

Boys JV- Mike L, Alex K,

Boys Varsity- Ryan T. (head), Joe K (asst.)

  • Schedules- Practice Game- Can be accessed from our website: www.mgaes.org, click on Athletics, and follow the links to 6-8 Basketball. All changes will be made on the computer only. Please remember to check often for practice and game changes.
  • Emailing changes/updates- All parents have been signed up and should be getting emails from TeacherEase at this time.  If not, please let me know and I tell the office.
  • Conditions for playing- Students must be keeping up with class work and giving good effort in class.  If a teacher feels like they are falling behind, they will speak to the student/parent and the AD.
  • Basketball fees of $125, will be automatically put on your bill, and paid through your direct payment plan. Jerseys will be handed out before the first games begin.  ***Please remember that if you damage your jersey, under non-game circumstances, that you will be charged.***
  • Athlete must have all equipment to participate in a game. Missing any one of the following and they will not be allowed to play: uniform (provided by school), socks, and proper basketball shoes.
  • Competition League- Coaches will make decisions based upon game conditions on whether to play players. All players are encouraged to practice hard, to better their chances of more playing time. Equal playing time does not apply for Varsity or JV programs.
  • Player Conduct and Parent Cheering- Please read.
  • Transportation to away games. Provided by parent of child, or planned by parent of child. There will be no transportation provided by the school. Whatever ride you get for your child needs to be someone you trust and someone that has the proper insurance for your approval, not the schools. You also must make sure that the parent is on your list of people who can take your child off campus through the office.
  • Directions to away games-found on website also.
  • Questions for AD/Coaches