Things You Should Know About Our Classroom

When you need to talk to the teacher – If you have any questions or just want to visit, please call or email and schedule an appointment for after school. The school phone is 360-687-5121 and my email is

Homework folders – Generally, Monday-Thursday, your child will be bringing home a small amount of math homework. Please notice that the students have completed one side at school and it has been corrected. The homework side will feature similar tasks that need to be completed, checked, corrected if necessary and signed by a parent. Please be sure that your child uses a pencil (not a pen) or crayons where it is indicated. It is important that the homework is returned in its folder to school the following morning. If it is not completed, your child will need to finish it before having recess. It is suggested that your child also read at home at least 15 minutes per day, six days a week. Reading coupons are sent home weekly to fill out and return in your child’s homework folder.

Tuesday folders – Every Tuesday I will be sending home a folder. On one side will be your child’s finished assignments. On the other side will be notes from our classroom or other school items. Please return the folder empty so I can reuse it the following week.

Dismissal – 3:15 Monday-Thursday, 2:05 Friday. Early release days end at 12:30.

Birthdays – Some of you like to send goodies on your child’s birthday. There are 19 friends in our classroom, please plan on enough treats for everyone. Please remember also, that if your child is having a party and can only invite a few classmates, please mail the invitations, as stated in the handbook. Treats should be easy for your child to pass out and include napkins. If your child has a summer birthday, you may choose another school day to celebrate, such as their half-birthday.

PE – Our class is scheduled for PE on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Please be sure that your child wears proper, non-marking athletic shoes to school.

Lunch – Our lunch is 11:05 daily. If you need to drop off a forgotten lunch or lunch money, please deliver to the office before 11:00.

Library – Tuesday is our scheduled library day. Your child can check out two books of his/her choice. Books need to be brought back the next week in order to check out new ones.

Toys – Toys are not allowed to be brought to class.

Medicines in the classroom – Please refer to the school handbook in regards to our medications policy. Please do not send cough drops, pain relievers, vitamins, antibiotics, etc. to school in your child’s backpack or lunch boxes.

Chapel – Chapel is every Friday. Parents are invited to join us after signing in at the office. Students can wear their school themed t-shirt on Friday.