Spring Soccer 2019

Parent/Coaches/AD Meeting

4/4/19  5:10-5:35 p.m.

–  Prayer

–  Introduction of Coaches-

3/4 Coaches-

MG1- Priscilla G. (head), Brittney A. (assistant), Paul G. (assistant)

MG2- Chris J. (head), Sheila R. (assistant), Sharika K. (assistant)

5/6 Coaches-

MG1- Jason K. (head),  Amber H. (assistant)

MG2- Marc P. (head), Andrew I. (assistant), Alan B. (assistant)

–   Schedules- Practice/Game- Can be accessed from our website:  www.mgaes.org click on the Athletics and follow the links.  Changes will be made on computer and noted.  Text notices will be sent weekly. If you would like to signup extra family members, simply have them text @springmg1 or @springmg2 (depending on which team your child is on) and then put the number as 81010, and push send.  It should send you a message back saying you are signed up.

–   Spring Soccer Dues are $50.  Fees will cover costs of officials, t-shirts and soccer equipment.  Please turn fees into Mr. Mac by April 11, Thursday, or setup a payment plan with Mr. Mac.  All payments should be made in check form to the main office. Please make check out to MGAES and mark it as Spring Soccer fees. Game t-shirts will be passed out to those who have paid on, or before, the first game date.  If you already have a game t-shirt in good condition the cost is $45.  Any additional shirt is also $5.  If Mr. Mac feels like your shirt is not in good enough condition, you will be asked to purchase another shirt for $5.

–  Participation League vs. Competitive League


–   Athlete must have all equipment to participate in a game. Missing any one of the following and they will not be allowed to play:  soccer game t-shirt, NAVY blue shorts, soccer socks, shin guards, and cleats.  For all practices athletes should have shorts or athletic pants, shin guards, and cleats.  Water is also essential for all practices and games.

–   Transportation to Away Games (only 3 away games)- Transportation will not be provided by the school to away games. Please make sure either you drive your child to each away game, or, arrange a ride for your child with another parent.  PARENTS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR OWN CHILD.  No child should be asking for a ride, while cars are pulling out to go to an away game.  Once again, no school transportation will be provided to away games.

– Checking out your children when leaving for an away game is the same as any other time you check them out of school early.  If another parent is checking them out, the school must have written permission.

–   Pick-up after an away game.  All athletes, with parents, must go to the head coach after a game and check out with them, when they are ready to leave the field and go home.  We want to make sure that no athlete is left on the field with no supervision.  All 3/4 parents need to pick up their child after the 3/4 game ends, not when the 5/6 game ends, unless, you are there to supervise them.  Any 5/6 athletes that come early to an away game must be supervised by their parents or the driver who took them to the game, a coach should not be asked to help supervise students not playing in the game.

–   Parking for Practices or Games.  All parking should be done in the school parking lot, not around the field.


-NO DOGS ON FIELD!!! If you bring your dog, you will be asked to remove them from the field. This should apply for home and away games. Service dogs do not apply to this rule.

–   Parent/Fan Support.

–  Questions for Coaches/AD