“Character First”


last updated 9/11/19

6-8 Soccer Team

7/8 Volleyball Team

5/6 Volleyball Team

PE Curriculum
  • SparkPE – If you would like to get a look at some of the things we are doing in Physical Education, go to This program has been chosen by the NAD and endorsed by the Oregon Conference for all our SDA schools.
Forms and Policies

 Mustang Merchandise

Merchandise is available for purchase by contacting Mr. Mac.

“Trust the Process” sweatshirts and t-shirts available for purchase on request

T-shirt- $15

Hoodies- $30

Hoodie and T-shirt package-$35

PE T-Shirts- Character First- Character Vocab Tees- $10 each- updated 8/23/18

Camo Hats (Pink, Military, Sand, Navy)- $10 each

Contact Athletic Director

Josh MacLachlan (Mr. Mac)

cell- 360-624-7029